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For a quarter of a century, ADWAN (Association for Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal) has stood as a beacon of hope, leading the charge for equality and empowerment in Nepal. In 19196, Ms. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, 21, started five women's groups in her own village Taklung, Gprkha, Nepal with $150 (Rs. 10,000) from a group of American expats with the support of her parents and sisters. In 1998, ADWAN was established by Ms. Bishnu Maya Pariyar and her friends.


Through our socio-economic, advocacy, livelihood, and education programs, we have championed the cause of Nepal's Dalits and marginalized communities. By equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge, we aim to break down the walls of discrimination and prejudice that have held them back in the past. Together, we have achieved numerous milestones in our relentless pursuit of social justice.


ADWAN has been working to empower women, children, and Dalits who have been marginalized in society since 1998. There are 5,880 Dalit and marginalized women involved from 223 women's groups that benefited: 150,446 +PEOPLE! For these determined rural women the future looks promising. They are true agents of change in a society where intergenerational social ills such as caste-based discriminations, gender-based violence and illiteracy have been replaced by newfound dignity and self-determination.

If you are looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of marginalized communities, join us today.



ADWAN Nepal Team

Founding President & Chief Patron

Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon. DLitt.

Read her life story at:


Executive Committee



Ms. Bindu Thapa Pariyar​

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Tirtha Kumari BK

General Secretary

Ms. Pampha Pariyar Gurung​


Ms. Pampha Nepali


Ms. Sapana Sunar


Ms. Ram Maya BK


Ms. Sapana Pariyar


Ms. Kunjani Pariyar Pyasi


Ms. Laxmi Bohara


ADWAN Co-founders


President: Bishnu Maya Pariyar

Vice President: Anita Pariyar

Secretary: Rupa Baraili

Treasurer: Sushma Pariyar

Member: Sita Pariyar

Member: Pampha Pariyar

Member: Rama Maya Pariyar




ADWAN Nepal Office

Shree Kumari Marg, House # 75

Baluwatar, Kathmandu

Nepal GPO NO: 15142 KPC 864

Tel; 977-1-4417165



Official Point Person in USA:

Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon. DLitt.
Foundering President & Chief Patron
Cell: +1-617-320-9768 (USA)


Sister Organization in USA:

Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN)

Become a Catalyst for Change!


ADWAN (Association for Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal) is committed to bring change in the Dalit and mariginalized community in Nepal. In partnership with our USA-based sister organization- Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN), ADWAN women groups and other stakeholders, we have been working to improve the lives of women and children in need.​

ADWAN continues to create the conditions that effect dramatic change. Since 1998, ADWAN's innovative programs have been eliminating caste-based untouchability, inequality, injustice, poverty and illiteracy while promoting dignity, freedom, peace, harmony and prosperity through women's groups and community oriented programs. In this two and half decades journey of social transformation, you have truly been a catalyst for change. And with your continued participation we will reach more women still waiting for the opportunity to take control of their lives.


Total: 223 ADWAN Women Groups: 5,880 women members and beneficiaries: 23,140 families (Girls Education beneficiaries: 25,880 girls and boys; Livelihood beneficiaries: 23,140 women and girls Rights/advocacy beneficiaries: 26,464 women and girls Total beneficiaries: 98,624 women and girls COVID-19 Relief Beneficiaries: 26,326 people (Food Item: Households: 1,172 or, 4,376 people); Cash for Work: 375; Medical/Surgical distribution to approx. 21,575 people of Shahid Lakhan & Gandaki Rural Municipality through the 14 health posts) Earthquake relief beneficiaries: 6,379 households, or, 25,496 people. Total COVID-19 & Earthquake beneficiaries: 51,822 people. ADWAN HAS BENEFITED: 150,446 +PEOPLE!


ADWAN is a human rights organization for Dalit (so called low-caste) women and children. It is a non-political, not profit making and non-government organization (NGO) legally registered at Kathmandu District Administration Office (D.A.O. Reg. No. 99/055/056) and is affiliated to Social Welfare Council. The organization was founded in 2055 B.S. (1998 A.D.) by a group of young and motivated Dalit women who had overcome immense obstacles of poverty, gender and caste discrimination and is run by them.



To establish equitable society free of caste, class and gender discriminations.



To bring Dalit women into the mainstream of state governing mechanism by empowering and sensitizing them to establish human right, democracy, sustainable peace and equitable society.



ADWAN aims to eliminate caste and gender based discrimination against Dalit women and to empower them socially, economically, politically and educationally.



To raise awareness against discrimination, exploitation and injustice over Dalit women
To foster economic condition of Dalit women by saving and credit program
To unite and organize Dalit women
To make rural Dalit women economically self-dependant by providing skill development and vocational trainings
To conduct workshops, seminars, interactions and training programs on human right, child right, gender and untouchability.
To conduct literacy class, pre-school class and distribute scholarships to Dalit women and children.
To develop Dalit women’s leadership for political participation and community development
To build up solidarity, network and alliance with like minded organization for advocacy, justice and empowerment of Dalit women


Program Implementation Strategy

Need assessment and survey of project proposed area
Project design on the basis of community need and geographical situation
Mobilization of volunteers and staffs
Capacity enhancement of members and staffs of all levels
Services and programs outreaching to the rural focused community
Formation of group, networking with local people and civic organizations for sustainability of the project


Regular Programs

ADWAN believes that Dalit women can be empowered through three themes. So, it works on integrated programs of all three themes. The activities of those themes are:


Theme 1: Educational Programs   

Pre-school Classes
Scholarship for school level children
Scholarship for college level girls


Theme 2: Income Generating Programs


Group Saving and Credit
Micro Loan
Skill development and Vocational Trainings


Theme 3: Advocacy and Awareness Programs

Human Rights trainings
Social and Political awareness trainings
Women Health and Hygiene Trainings
Workshops and Interaction at community level
Gender and Human Rights Advocacy


ADWAN women have become the role model of community development and social transformation. The major on-going activities are:


Pre-school Classes for pre-primary children
Uniform Stipend and Sponsorship for school level children (girls and boys)
Scholarship for college level girls
Group Saving and Credit
Micro Loan
Human Rights Workshops
Advocating Human Rights, Violence against Women, Dalit and Dalit Women
Skill Development and Capacity Building Trainings
Women Health workshop
Net working, publicity and joint movements


National / Local Level Affiliation & Partnership

Dalit NGO Federation (DNF)
Dalit NGO Federation-Nepal (DNF-Nepal)
Durban Review Committee (DRC)
Dalit Citizen’s Movement
Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)
Jagaran Media Center (JMC)
Jan Uttan Pratisthan (JUP)
Kathmandu Training Center
Local area Development Trust Fund,
National Alliance for Women Human Right Defenders (NAWHRD),
National Badi Right Struggle Committee,
National Coalition Against Racial Discrimination (NCARD),
National Dalit Commission (NDC),
National Human Right Commission,
National Women Commission,
Protection Desk-Nepal,
Rural Empowerment Society,

Women NGO Federation (WNF)
Women Rehabilitation Center (WOREC),
VDCs and DDCs of Gorkha, Baglung and Arghakhanchi

International Partnership

JL Church 2005 (USA)
EDWON (2000 to 2015) (USA)

Manakamana Women's Campus Fund
Friends of Nepal (USA) 2014 - 2017
American Jewish World Service (AJWS) (USA) 2015 – 2016
European Union

British Council 2015 to 2017
NIDAN 2016
Global Fund for Women: USA 2017 – Continue
KARUNA Trust (UK): 2015 to 2023
Global Giving 2015 to Continue
BMZ German Government & Karuna Duchland 2022 – 2026
USAID: From the American People 2022 – 2024
Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) USA 2015 to Continue
Women for Cause 2015
Clark University 2015
For the Girls Foundation 2022

Funds For Child Poverty 2023

Hands in Outreach

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