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Making a Difference

ADWAN has been working to empower women, children, and Dalits who have been marginalized in society since 1998. Through our programs, we advocate for equality and justice. We offer various programs that provide literacy, education, and socio-economic opportunities for these individuals. By equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge, we aim to break down the walls of discrimination and prejudice that have held them back in the past. If you are looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of marginalized communities, join us today.



ADWAN is dedicated to supporting women in all aspects of their lives. Through our women's groups, community outreach, and women empowerment training sessions, we help women claim their rights and reach their full potential. Join us today and become part of a community of empowered women.


ADWAN believes in making education accessible to all. That's why we offer a variety of educational programs including scholarships, literacy programs, and child care services. Our dedicated team ensures that every child has access to the resources they need to succeed.



ADWAN is dedicated to giving advocacy trainings, raising the voice for the voiceless, and educating and empowering the marginalized and Dalits about their rights. Our team of professionals is experienced in creating social change and we are passionately committed to achieving justice for all.


ADWAN believes in empowering individuals through our livelihood training programs. Through our training, we provide individuals with the necessary skills to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. Our training programs are tailored to individual needs and designed to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.



ADWAN is committed to promoting and protecting human rights, including economic and social, cultural, and political rights. We provide training programs to build awareness and understanding of these rights, and equip individuals with the tools necessary to advocate for themselves and their communities.

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