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Sarita’s Story

Gorkha, Nepal- “We have to study and educate the young for a bright future. If we don’t study we cannot become a doctor, a pilot or a teacher. But with education we can become great people on this earth. We should dream big dreams and work hard and we will succeed,” says Sarita Koirala, 12 in a recent letter to her American sponsor, who has sponsored her since 2007.

ADWAN’s Sponsorship Program allows the most at-risk children to dream and go to school. The program is simple and can mean the world to a child. Modest cash support ensures that she can remain in school. But without it, she often must work to earn just pennies. Sarita continues,“ I am from a poor family, so I couldn’t fulfill my desire. I couldn’t study before, and I couldn’t show my face in my society. People used to discriminate against us, but I didn’t speak up, because one day our turn will also come.”

Be a sponsor and make a dream come true for girls like Sarita

Sarita’s grandmother belongs tothe Bhimsen Women’s Group started in 2004. The group chose Sarita to be their sponsorship recipient, as her parents had split up and left the community after alcohol-induced violence, a common story. The sponsorship money has enabled the grandmother to pay for Sarita’s food and school supplies. Without it, she would have had to send her to work instead of school. The sponsorship has enabled Sarita to grow up to be a thoughtful young girl, with a zest for making a life for herself. She has hope for a better future. “Our turn will also come” Sarita concludes. “My parents didn’t get an education, so their lives are dark. I will study hard and pay more attention to words, and one day I will become a great person!”

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