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Change in Numbers: 1998-2016

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

ADWAN.ORG's funding has, so far, benefited more than 50 thousand Dalit and marginalized women and their families in Nepal covering 392 groups, 7 Districts, 27 VMs (VDCs) and 35 schools. It invested 24% in children education which benefited total 14,934 students and 76% funding went to women empowerment which benefited total of 34,633 women and family members.

ADWAN.ORG's current/ongoing Programs and Activities are as follow:

-Pre-school Classes for pre-primary children -Uniform Stipend -Sponsorship for school level children -Sponsorship for College Technical -Scholarship for college level girls. -Group Saving and Credit -Micro Loan (From groups and individuals) -Human Rights Workshops -Advocating Human Rights & VAW (Violence against Women) -Skill Development & Capacity Building Training -Reproductive Health workshop -Networking, publicity and joint movements -Basic Skill Training (i.e. Mushroom production training etc.) -Short-Term Skill Training -Entrepreneurship Development Training -Facilitating on Enterprise Development -Post Training Follow Ups and Job Placements -Basic Advocacy Training in SA (Social Accountability) tools -SA Pilot Program – Public Hearing -SA Pilot Program – Participatory Budgeting -SA Pilot Program – Community Score Card -Strategic Planning Workshops for Dalit CSOs27 Schools 35

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