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ADWAN Timeline 1998-2023: FACTSHEET

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Timeline and ADWAN Facts

1998: ADWAN established

* ADWAN Women's Groups

-Total Women's groups: 169 (currently active)

-Total Members: 4,000+

-Districts covered: Gorkha, Kailali, Chitwan, Rupandehi, Palpa, Baglung, Gulmi and Tanahu.

-Since 1998, ADWAN's funding has, so far, benefited more than 50 thousands Dalit and marginalized women and their families in Nepal while fostering more than 400 groups, 8 Districts (27 VDCs) and more than 35 schools.

* Women Empowerment

-Advocacy & Awareness

-Gender Awareness & Human Rights Advocacy Trainings

-Micro Credit & Cooperative

-Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

-Skill Development and Vocational Trainings

-Women Health, Hygiene and Reproductive Health Trainings

* Girls & Children

-Student Sponsorship Program

-Ambitious Girls Fund

-Sponsor A Child

-Blue Shirt Program

-Dollars for Change

* Ongoing Projects

-2022-2024: USAID Local Works: Gorkha and Chitwan - KOSHIS: Promotion of Women-led Economic Opportunity Project.

-2018-2022: Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Project jointly funded by The Karuna Trust UK and Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) covering 38 women's groups in Chitwan, Nepal.

-2018-2021: South Asian Young Women Leadership & Mentorship Project. ADWAN partnered with CREA (India) and Global Fund for Women in Baglung and Chitwan Districts.

-2011: Started Women's Cooperative Bank Project by six ADWAN women's groups. The Chandi Women Saving & Credit cooperative bank currently has 195 women members with the running capital of Nepali rupees Rs. 5.4 millions.

-2022: Started The Day Care Center in Chitwan with the support of The Girls Foundation USA for girls (6-13 years) from the Dalit and the most disadvantaged groups who are in real deprivations in basic needs.

ADWAN's Impacts Factsheet


ADWAN works through education, literacy-led saving groups and awareness programs and ADWAN women become catalysts for social change, especially in terms of children’s education, awareness on domestic violence and caste-class-gender relations. ADWAN aims to foster a measure of economic independence and education, to boost self-esteem, and to instill solidarity and a sense of national pride. Here are some measured ADWAN facts about positive impact on women and children. The total of 150,446 + women and girls were benefited from ADWAN’s works from 1998 through 2023.

Women Groups

  1. There are total of 223 Women groups affiliated with ADWAN. In these groups, 5,880 women and girls are directly involving as member from Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Tanahu, Gulmi, Kailali, Mugu, Jhapa, Ilam, Kailali, Gulmi, Palpa and Rupendehi. And, total of 23,140 women and girls are benefited.

Girls Education

  1. School Uniform Distribution program: Total of 16,745 students of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Sarlahi, Tanahu, Gulmi, Mugu, Jhapa and Ilam.

  2. Individual Sponsorship Program: Total of 1,032 students of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Gulmi, Kailali, Parpat, Tanahu and Sarlahi.

  3. Ambitious Girls' Fund: Total of 666 Girls from of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Gulmi, Kailali, Parpat, Tanahu and Sarlahi.

  4. Technical Education support: Total of 19 girls (Staff Nurse, ANM, CMA, Lab Technician, JTA, Law and other health education)

  5. Early Child Education Program: Total of 3,450 children of Gorkha and Baglung.

  6. Adult Education Classes: Total of 3,321 Adults Women from affiliated groups.

  7. Other Capacity Enhancement training: Total of 686 women and girls including board members and staffs.

  8. Day care Center: Total of 14 girls from slum areas of Ratnanagar, Chitwan.

Total beneficiaries: 25,880 girls and boys.


  1. Basic Skill Development training (7 day): Total of 5,230 Women and Girls of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Tanahu, Mugu, Jhapa and Ilam.

  2. Short-term Skills development Training (28 days): Total of 1,398 women and girls Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Tanahu, Mugu, Jhapa and Ilam.

  3. Entrepreneurship Capacity Development Training: 6,430 women and girls of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Tanahu, Mugu, Jhapa and Ilam.

  4. SMEs Establishment Training: Total of 5,041 women and girls.

  5. Seed fund support to SMEs: Total of 5,041 women and girls.

Total beneficiaries: 23,140 women and girls.


  1. Workshop against "Gender Based Violence": Total of 6,465 Women & Girls of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, and Tanahu.

  2. Workshop against "Caste based Discrimination": Total of 6,465 women & Girls of Gorkha, Baglung, Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, and Tanahu.

  3. Workshop on " The Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2068 (2011): Total of 5,535 women and girls.

  4. Workshop on "Human Rights provisioned in Constitution of Nepal": Total of 4,525 women and girls.

  5. Awareness program on SDGs: Total of 1,500 women and girls

  6. Training on Social Accountability Tools: Total of 1,340 Women and girls

  7. Capacity Development Training: Total of 634 women and girls.

Total beneficiaries: 26,464 women and girls.

COVID 19, Relief Beneficiaries:

1. Food Item: Number of Household : 1,172 (4,376 persons)

2. Cash for Work:Person: 375

Total beneficiaries: 5,751 people

3. Medical/Surgical:

Community people: Approx. 21,575 of Shahid Lakhan & Gandaki Rural Municipality through the 14 health posts of Shahid Lakhan and 4 health post of Gandaki Rural Municipality.

Total Covid-19 relief beneficiaries: 27,326

Earthquake relief beneficiaries: 6,379 households x 4:

Total beneficiaries: 25,496 people

Total ADWAN benefited so far: 150,446 + people

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