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Nepal Needs Your Help !

COVID crisis in Nepal is real. Nepal needs your help. ADWAN Nepal and Friends of ADWAN (USA) are teaming up to send COVID-19 treatment and prevention related medical relief packages from USA to Nepal's rural community. Please help us once again to this humanitarian efforts.

We need to send humanitarian and medical aids such as PPEs, masks, gloves, oximeters, oxygen cylinders, and COVID vaccines. We also need to support our rural communities / families with daily essentials such as food, medicines, cloths.

Recent report shows that Nepal is one of the fastest COVID-19 infection rates in the world, with a positivity ratio of nearly 50%. Poor healthcare infrastructure, remote geography, and systematic challenges coordinating information and resources further compound this challenge. The already low capacity of frontline medical workers has been stretched thin, exacerbated by a critical shortage of hospital beds, supplementary oxygen, and intensive care facilities. There are less than 2000 ICU beds available in the whole country, and in areas where the cases are rising, most of these available critical care and ICU facilities are already full. Currently, only 1% of the Nepali population is fully vaccinated. Approximately 1.7 million of those who received the first dose are at risk of defaulting on the second dose due to the vaccine stock out.

Nepal’s epidemic is accelerating at a faster rate than that of India. Experts estimate that at the current rate, Nepal’s care burden will surpass its capacity within weeks resulting in a massive loss of human lives. The predicted physical and economic devastation, including substantial loss of life in the coming weeks and months, will be among the most severe of our lifetime.

Therefore, I would humbly request your contribution. Your small contribution goes a long way. Please help us send relief packages as soon as possible.


Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon. DLit.

Founding president, ADWAN.ORG

President, Friends of ADWAN (USA)

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