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Become a Catalyst for Change!

Dear Friends of ADWAN, Namaste!

We are thankful to our well-wishers for your continuous support year after year, of FAN's commitment to empower Nepal's Dalits and other marginalized women and their children, especially, girls. Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) is proud to work with ADWAN (Association for Dalit Women's Advancement of Nepal), our sister organization in Nepal, which continues to create the conditions that effect dramatic change. Since 1998, ADWAN's innovative programs have been eliminating caste-based untouchability, inequality, injustice, poverty and illiteracy while promoting dignity, freedom, peace, harmony and prosperity through women's groups and community oriented programs. In this two and half decade journey of social transformation, you have truly been a catalyst for change. And with your continued participation we will reach more women still waiting for the opportunity to take control of their lives.

Thank you for caring!

We are grateful for every penny that helps prove

Change is possible.

With best regards,

Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon. DLit.

President, Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN)

Founder President, ADWAN, Nepal


2022 a Phenomenal Year

Please read on to learn how ADWAN built new partnerships, expanded community works, strengthened ongoing programs and launched new projects that will have lasting positive impact for the most needy people in rural Nepal.

Agents of Change!

ADWAN continues to nurture and expand its well tested, established programs, including Student Sponsorship Program, Ambitious Girls Fund Scholarship Program, Gender Awareness Training, and Livelihood Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Training for its 169 women’s self-help groups in Gorkha, Kailali, Chitwan, Rupandehi, Palpa, Baglung Gulmi and Tanahu. Currently, there are more than four thousands Dalit and marginalized women involved in these women groups. For these determined rural women the future looks promising. They are true agents of change in a society where intergenerational social ills such as caste-based discriminations, gender-based violence and illiteracy have been replaced by newfound dignity and self-determination.

KOSHIS: Promotion of Women-led Economic Opportunity Project

ADWAN is proud to announce a substantial and meaningful joint project with USAID: "USAID Local Works: Gorkha and Chitwan - KOSHIS: Promotion of Women-led Economic Opportunity" which is to be effective between 2022-2024. The project's aim is to lift marginalized and vulnerable families out of poverty and to achieve long-term resilience.

Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Project

The Karuna Trust UK and Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) jointly funded a 4-year Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Project, launched in 2018, successfully completed its mission in 2022, benefiting 38 women's groups and their families in Chitwan District of Nepal.

The participating members received immersive entrepreneurship and skill development trainings, including tailoring, crystal mala/jewelry making, as well as seasonal and off seasoned vegetable farming skills. They also attended gender awareness trainings, which focused on civil and political rights guaranteed by the constitution.

The Day Care Center

ADWAN with the support of The Girls Foundation USA has launched in March, 2022 'The Day Care Center' in Ratna Nagar, Chitwan, Nepal to provide tutoring support along with daily meals for girls (6-13 years) from the Dalit and the most disadvantaged groups who are in real deprivations in basic needs.

South Asian Young Women Leadership & Mentorship Project

ADWAN also partnered with CREA (India) and Global Fund for Women which has funded for South Asian Young Women Leadership & Mentorship Project since 2018 in Baglung and since 2021 in Chitwan Districts.

ADWAN has completed several trainings and mentoring activities to prepare feminist leaders such as gender trainings to understand patriarchy, power relation, feminism, and feminist approach, gender-based violence, contextual legal and constitutional steps to achieve women's rights.

Women's Cooperative Bank Project still growing and thriving!

ADWAN-supported women members-led cooperative bank in Gorkha continues to grow, supporting rural women’s small businesses. Established by six ADWAN women's groups in 2011, the Chandi Women Saving & Credit cooperative bank currently has 195 women members with the running capital of Nepali rupees Rs. 5.4 millions. It has helped rural Dalit and marginalized women gain easy access to capital to start their small shops or farming businesses without collateral.


New Executive Committee


ADWAN Nepal convened its 23rd Annual and 6th General Assembly in Souraha, Chitwan on September 5, 2022 and elected its new Excecutive Committee for 2022-2024. The women representatives from Gorakha, Baglung, Tanahu. Kailali, Gulmi and Chitwan districts had participated in the assembly.

Chairperson: Ms. Bindu Thapa Pariyar

Vice Chairperson; Ms. Tirtha Kumari BK

General Secretary: Ms. Pampha Pariyar Gurung

Secretary: Ms. Pampha Nepali

Treasurer: Ms. Sapana Sunar

Member: Ms. Ram Maya Nepali

Member: Ms. Sapana Pariyar

Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) and ADWAN continue to help community in need in Nepal but not without your continuous support. Please help us leap into equitable future.

Donate with Confidence !

You can also donate through ADWAN's Global Giving pledging page. ADWAN's mission is to bring Dalit & Marginalized women into the mainstream of state governing mechanism by empowering and sensitizing them to establish human right, democracy, sustainable peace and equitable society.

Contact us:

Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN)

46 Elba Ave., Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Email:, or,

Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon.DLit. President

+1-617-320-9768 (USA)

Donation: Send us your tax-deductible contribution to:

Friends of ADWAN Nepal, 46 Elba Ave., Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Websites: Please visit our websites for update and information:

www.FriendsofADWAN.ORG and www.ADWAN.ORG

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