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INVITATION: ADWAN's side event at WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 2024, Kathmandu, Nepal, February 17th

Updated: Feb 16

हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा!


Kathmandu, Nepal, February 17th

“ADWAN’s Watershed Moment for Equality and Empowerment of Marginalized and Dalits Women in Nepal”

“नेपालका दलित, सिमान्तकृत महिलाहरूको समानता र सशक्तिकरणको लागि एड्वानको ऐतिहासिक परिवर्तनको बिन्दु”


The Nepali Constitution and laws contain numerous equality provisions, yet women face subjugation within households and societal constrains limiting their movements, leading to higher rates of poverty and discrimination. Patriarchal norms contribute to these disparities, with only 23.8% of households having land or housing registered in a female member's name. Additionally, Dalits are marginalized due to forced low-paid occupations and limited access to basic services, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and marginalization. Despite constitutional guarantees and international commitments, gender-based violence (GBV) remains pervasive, occurring in private and public spheres, including physical, sexual, psychological, and economic forms, as well as trafficking and harmful practices such as child marriage and witchcraft accusations. The government of Nepal recognizes GBV as a significant issue and has policies aimed at addressing it, yet challenges persist in implementation and enforcement.

ADWAN: A Beacon of Hope

But amidst this darkness, ADWAN stands tall- a beacon of hope for Nepal’s Dalits and marginalized communities. For a quarter of a century, ADWAN and its dedicated team have been weaving threads of change. Their programs span socio-economic empowerment, advocacy, livelihood, and education. They don’t just talk about equality; they live it. They don’t just dream of empowerment; they make it a reality.

ADWAN equips these resilient women with more than just skills; they impart knowledge that shatters the walls of discrimination. They teach that education isn’t just a right; it’s the very means of empowerment. It’s the key to unlocking doors that have been bolted shut for too long. And as these doors creak open, the light spills in, illuminating a path toward equality and justice.

Together, we have achieved numerous milestones in our relentless pursuit of social justice.

Our proven experiences showed - We need integrated comprehensive rights based development intervention that lead to societal transformation along with policy reformation, policy development and effective implementation.

Education is the means of production - We demand education programs must focus Dalit and marginalized children ending all forms of discrimination and remove socio-economic barrier ensuring equal access and opportunities for all.

Women led - economic intervention is a must – We demand greater investment on Dalit and marginalized women focused sustainable livelihood skills to become women entrepreneur leading to economic independence, access to land ownership, credit facility and sharing of unpaid care work in the family.

Continued advocacy and campaign against GBV – We demand strict enforcement of constitutional provisions and laws, against discrimination, exploitation and injustice, particularly focusing on the rights of Dalit and marginalized women and Girls at all levels – Local, provincial, federal, regional and global level. Stop immediately harmful cultural and spiritual believes that promotes patriarchy and aggravate structural inequality and gender based discrimination and violence.

We need synergy, united and collaborative actions to fight inequality and for economic justice!!!

Program Detail

Date: 17th February 2024

Time: 14:00 am to 15:30 pm @ Nepali Time

VENUE: Bhrikuti Mandap, Manaslu Tent, Kathmandu, Nepal


Association for Dalit Women’s Advancement of Nepal (ADWAN) is a human rights development organization with the goal of eliminating all forms of discrimination against Dalit and other marginalized girls and women by empowering them socially, economically, politically and educationally. It is a women-led organization whereby all general members and executive committee members are women. Empowering Women and Girls to Fight Injustice is ADWAN's strategic plan direction to achieve its mission.

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